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Unlocking brand and market led business growth

WPP Consulting is a strategy consultancy driven by two words: clarity and certainty, to unlock brand and market led business growth.

In today’s fast changing markets, every business faces choices, and they’re often ambiguous. Our focus is to help give you a clear strategic way forward.  It’s what drives us every day.  It’s what keeps us focused.  It’s how we measure our success.


Who we are

WPP Consulting is a strategy consultancy specialising in brand and market issues.  

We combine the analytical and business skills of a strategy house with the brand and marketing expertise of WPP.  We tie insights to dollars, and bring both creativity and analysis to all the work we do.

Our approach is grounded in innovative thinking, consumer and market understanding, data analytics and financial analysis.  We bring these skills together to help you achieve better business outcomes.


Our purpose

Businesses create value from how they engage their markets. 

Externally, brands, data, route to market, product and service delivery all play a role.  Internally, market success is underpinned by the people and capabilities within the organisation.

We exist to help clients unlock value by addressing both the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of market strategy.  Being clear about what they’re trying to achieve, and helping build the capabilities to do it.


What we do


WPP Consulting helps clients define and implement strategies to achieve brand, customer and market led growth.

  • Growth Strategy & Segmentation: Identifying the most attractive growth opportunities. Creating new ways to address them

  • Purposeful Positioning: Uncovering the business’s inspirational reason for being. Using that purpose to mobilise the organisation and connect powerfully with customers

  • Portfolio Strategy & Brand Architecture: Maximising market coverage and minimising cannibalisation. Structuring brands to maximise their growth potential in a multi-brand environment

  • Customer Decision Journey: Enabling intervention along the path-to-purchase to capitalise on key triggers and overcome barriers to adoption

  • Investment Optimisation & Attribution: Quantifying the financial outcomes of marketing investment. Improving future outcomes

  • Pricing Strategy: Maximising profitability and revenue. Understanding ‘what-if?’

  • Route to Market: Channel strategy to drive profitable growth



Data is the world’s most valuable resource yet only a minority of companies harness it effectively to drive competitive advantage. At WPP Consulting we believe that data should drive meaningful and influential connections at every stage of the customer experience journey. We have a proven track record working with many of Australia's most data rich businesses to develop data strategies that deliver immediate wins as well as tangible, long-term business outcomes.

  • Data Audit and Needs Analysis: Assess the existing technologies and systems in-place for data capture, storage, analysis and targeting. Identify gaps and opportunities. Develop an end-to-end framework for embedding data analytics throughout operations. Quantify the expected commercial return from effective implementation.

  • Segmentation and Targeting: Develop segmentation models that combine customer data with our deep proprietary consumer research datasets to unlock big pockets of new money that no other client-brand is securing. Combine segmentation with online triggers to move towards segment-of-one targeting across all digital communications streams (e-mail, online video, social, display and paid search).

  • Infographic Design: Bring segmentation to life through beautiful infographics that tell stories with data, democratising insights and consumer connection opportunities.

  • Recommendation Engine Development: Leverage machine learning methods, including Collaborative Filtering and SVD, to identify which products or services to recommend to your existing customers to drive purchase frequency and foster loyalty.

  • Metrics that Matter: Evaluate which brand, media, digital, point-of-sale and financial metrics are critical to achieving business KPIs. Assess how these metrics influence each other and where key opportunities to drive business growth exist.

  • ROI Modelling: Understand the impact on sales, market share, acquisitions and/or rates of retention from every element of the marketing mix through statistical modelling and digital multi-touch attribution.

  • Dashboard Design and Deployment: Track the business metrics that matter through bespoke, mobile optimised dashboards that foster marketing agility.



WPP Consulting goes beyond conventional research and strategy techniques, using futurist thinking to help you think differently about where businesses, industries and brands are and where they should be going.

  • Market Dynamics: understanding with greater clarity the key dynamics of change impacting your business, category, brand and customers

  • Future Shaping: crafting your future vision, strategy and roadmap for growth with greater confidence

  • Forecasting: scenario planning to allow for several (potential) futures based on business objectives and ambition



WPP Consulting partners with many other businesses within WPP AUNZ Group.  With 80 businesses and more than 8000 amazing colleagues from across the marketing spectrum, there are not many issues we cannot address. 


Our People

caspar for squarespace.png

Caspar Wright

Managing Partner (SYDNEY)

With more than 20 years’ experience in strategy consulting, research, planning and general management, including many years on the client side, Caspar has deep experience both of consulting, and the operational and business pressures facing our clients.  

These days Caspar specialises in leading strategy engagements in financial services, telecommunications, consumer goods and food.

patrick for squarespace.png

Patrick Fry

Partner (SYDNEY)

Patrick is a strategy and business consultant with over 20 years' experience advising senior leaders of large organisations across a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, consumer goods, sport and financial services.

His other passion is sport, and before joining WPP he was a member of the organising committee for the London2012 and Beijing2008 Summer Olympics.


Rob Pardini

Chief Data Scientist, WPP AUNZ

Rob is an expert on data strategy and how to unlock competitive advantage through data. As Chief Data Scientist for WPP AUNZ, he leads a team of data and analytics practitioners that deliver ROI modeling, attribution, segmentation, data mining, forecasting, predictive analytics and machine learning solutions to many of Australia’s most data rich businesses.

He has more than 16 years experience in data, analytics and insights roles in agencies and marketing/business functions.

His academic qualifications include a masters degree in economics from the University of Sydney.


rose for square space.jpg

Rose Herceg


In addition to her role as Chief Strategy Officer for WPP AUNZ, Rose works as a senior member of the WPP AUNZ Consulting team.  She is a recognised and accomplished futurist and trends analyst who has advised corporations, business leaders and agencies in the US and Australia for 15 years.

Rose joined what is now WPP in 2007 when her social forecasting company Pophouse was acquired by STW Group in 2007.


Our clients

WPP AUNZ Consulting completes engagements for major Australian firms, specialising in industries such as Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, FMCG, Luxury Retail and Beverages.


Contact us

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Patrick Fry



Work with us

We are always looking for great strategic minds to join our team.  If you have a genuine passion for marketing, strategy and business growth, please submit your resume to: careers@wppaunzconsulting.com

WPP Consulting is part of WPP AUNZ, Australasia’s leading marketing communications group.